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How To Be Proactive On Your Potential Financial Problems?

How To Be Proactive On Your Potential Financial Problems?

Submitted by • December 17, 2016

Most of today’s problems are yesterday’s challenges overlooked. It is always considered a wise thing to perceive problems before they arise and attend to them at the earliest. By doing so, you will be spared from the trouble you may have to undergo in the later stages. Here are few pointers to assist you in identifying the problems related to your spending and saving patterns.

Potential Problem: You decided to splurge in on your salary and went ahead purchasing everything you ever wanted on monthly installments and did rest of the shopping on your credit card.A few months later, you come to terms with reality not being able to service all your debts

Possible Solution: You must take into consideration the fact that all your loans combined should not go beyond 30-40% of your salary. It is imperative that you bore this fact in your mind before taking any new debt.

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