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Add Date And Time Stamp To Images With Photostamper App

Add Date And Time Stamp To Images With Photostamper App

Submitted by • January 2, 2017

Auto stamper for photo is a photography application that captures images with date and time stamp to make your images look live with the moment. It is photostamper app that add date stamp to photos. People many a times prefer to make stamp online and than stamps picture after it is captured. So now you need not to do all those tedious work as with Auto Stamper you can stamp image the moment you capture it with your phone's in-built camera. This application is available for both android as well as iOS devices/users.

Auto stamper is one of the top 10 photo stamp app that stamps photo with date and time. You can also design your own stamp that will match your image background and theme and mark images perfectly to make it memorable for life time. With date time stamp you need to stress your mind as you can have details on the image only that will remind you when picture was snapped.

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