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Langtang Trekking

Langtang Trekking

Submitted by • August 25, 2013

Best site to explore astonishing Nature Langtang is a region in Nepal to the north of Kathmandu and bordering Tibet! About 4,500 population majority of the residents are Tamang. The park contains a wide variety of climatic zones, from subtropical to alpine. Approximately 25% of the park is forested. Trees include the deciduous Oak and Maple, and evergreens like Pine, and various types of Rhododendron. Animal life includes Himalayan black bear, the goat-like Himalayan tahr, Rhesus monkeys and Red Pandas. There are also stories of Yeti sightings. Regarding as the most exceptional trekking site placed north of Kathmandu in the middle of the Great Himalayan Range on the Tibetan border and is within easy access. This region abounds in natural and cultural blending several vegetations, endangered animal species including Himalayan Red Panda. Pika, Musk deer, Himalayan black bear, common Langur etc.

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