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An Overview Of The Elephant Eye Vision

An Overview Of The Elephant Eye Vision

Submitted by • October 15, 2016

Do you know facts about elephant eye vision? Many people often love elephants without information on their vision especially when looking for these facts. Here is an overview of the elephant eye vision:

Elephants often have long eyelashes that help them avert blowing dirt, debris and sand from the eyes. In addition, the long lashes can help sometimes avert blowing debris right from the eyes. Right to their upper as well as lower eyelids, he elephants have a “3rd eyelid” that moves vertically in across the eye. During the period of sunny and windy, elephants often have a reduced level of vision that makes them one of the animals with poor eyesight during the day.
In the daylight, elephants are always dichromic; which is, they often have two types of color-sensors within their retina: this is the cone type for reds while another for greens. In addition, this means they will have “color-blind” compared to human beings, who are always trichromic (three types of cones namely Red, Gre

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