30 Intriguing Facts About Rajasthan, Facts of Rajasthan- Aangan Resort Mandawa

Rajasthan is a remarkable state that contains a lot of history. Numerous tourists are drawn to it because of its culture and traditions. Rajasthan has many Intriguing facts .Only what we have already observed about Rajasthan or some basic facts are known to us. Rajasthan is the largest state in India by land, with a total area of over 342,239 sq km. Rajasthan literally translates to "land of kings." As a result, the name Rajasthan was appropriately given to the state because it had previously been ruled by a number of kings. The oldest known ploughed field in the world, Kalibangan, is located here as a reminder that this area was formerly a part of the Indus Valley, home to the world's oldest civilization.Mandodari, the title character of the illustrious Hindu epic Ramayana, was a native of Mandore, Rajasthan. She was Ravana's bride.