5 Questions to Ask a Home Structural Engineer Before Hiring

When facing an older property’s renovation, the soundness of the building’s walls may seem a little more unstable. Most people recommend first-time homeowners to get a home structural engineer. However, some people are not aware of what a structural engineer even does.

A structural engineer is a professional capable of taking on different tasks in various industries. They focus on assessing which parts of a building aren’t optimal for any living or occupying conditions. These professionals will then discuss what actions should be taken.

If it’s your first time employing a home structural engineer, here are a few basic things you may need to ask them.

1) What Qualifications Do You Have?
A typical home structural engineer should have an educational background in civil engineering that may span 4-5 years. After graduation, they should usually take up an internship of 5 years, shadowing a professional engineer.

After that, there are licensing requirements and an engineer intern should take it before being adequately certified. Most licenses are valid for two years before they expire and require renewal. Ask your home structural engineer if their license is up to date and verify if need be.

2) What Services Do You Offer?
A home structural engineer inspection typically provides an inspection of whether a home is structurally sound. They know of multiple home and building designs, so they have more expertise in spotting whether a part of the ceiling or wall is altered. Being able to spot any weak details or irregularities can help you correct them early and prevent a collapse.