5 ways to promote your book long after the launch

Readers don’t care if your book came out last week, last month, or last year. All they care about is that it’s a good book.

Here are five things you can do to promote your fiction and nonfiction long after the launch has come and gone.

1. Pitch yourself to the press as an expert source.
If you’ve written a book on a topic, you’re an expert. Your expertise doesn’t have an expiration date. Your book is a long-lasting credential. But don’t wait for journalists to find you — go to them.

2. Speak about your book’s topic.
Whether your ideal readers belong to the Junior League, Rotary International, or the National Society of Accountants, you can identify a topic that will resonate with them.

3. Do podcast interviews.
Let’s be honest. Those authors who hit the bestseller list as soon as their books are released are busy, busy, busy. They don’t have time to be interviewed by every podcast host who wants them as a guest, so they give their time to the most popular shows.

4. Guest blog.
Blog hosts want interesting, original content for their readers. Your book doesn’t have to be new for you to provide what blogs need and want. In fact, the longer your book has been out and the more you’ve learned about reader reactions to it, the better able you are to write guest posts that will address reader interests.

5. Use social media to keep your book title in front of the right readers.
Just last week I bought a book because the author posted on Instagram that the Kindle version was on sale for three days. I’ve been meaning to buy it since it was published in April but had forgotten to do so. Then this $1.99 Kindle deal showed up in my Instagram feed. It was a no-brainer. (When I told my daughters about it, they each bought a copy, too, because they had heard good things about the book.)

What can you do today to promote your not-so-new book?

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