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7 Important Tips Before Started Twitter.

7 Important Tips Before Started Twitter.

Submitted by • January 22, 2020

Hello guys, Today I am telling about some important tips on twitter. In today,s time Twitter is a very good marketing tool. If you wanted to make a Twitter profile better then here are some important points you must to follow before starting a twitter.

#Important Tips for Twitter.
1. Choose the right username
The first part at the beginning of Twitter is making your account. While making your account, it’s very difficult to choose your username or called TwitterHandle. It is a very important tip because from the right username people easily identify your business.
. Create a bio that captures your business
Twitter is a very popular social media platform. If you creating your bio remember that there are so many people who are viewing your account first time. So create a bio that is easy to read and give all information about your business.
. Post an image that reflects your business.
Image is a very important part of every post without image audience are not taking interest in that....

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