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A Complete Nursing Career Overview

Submitted by • September 18, 2018

With almost 2.6 M registered nurses (RN) in the United States, nursing is now the largest health care profession in the country. You are certainly misled if you think that hospitals are the only place a nurse could be found. Public health agencies, communities, ambulatory care centers and other places where health care services are rendered also commonly have nurses employed.

1. The Nursing Practice

Nursing covers a wide area of practice. It includes

- Services for newborn infants
- Services for pregnant women
- Elderly care
- Specialty area - injury nursing
- Childcare
- Specialty area - cancer nursing
- Specialty area - forensic nursing

2. Choose Your Nursing Program

The first step to be a nurse is to graduate from a nursing program. In the US, more than 1500 nursing programs are offered.

C. Hospital Diploma.
This is a 2 to 3 year program that is based in hospitals.

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