Advantages of Train Cargo Services

#1 Largest Freight Network in India
India Railway operates more than 9100 trains in a single day and delivers 1,100 million tons of freight in a year. It is more than any other freight service in India. It is the fourth largest network in the world.

#2 Transportation by rail is eco-friendly
From the environmental point of view, it is an excellent freight option in comparison to both air freight or sea freight. Caring about our planet is as important as trading so, we must not ignore our mother nature. As comparing the CO2 emission of other transportation, this is the best option to go for.

#3 Fast and Reliable source of transportation
Compared to sea or road freight it is the fast and highly reliable source of transportation. Most traders operating the most in fast-moving customer goods and with heavy goods are the most reliable freight option. It is more reliable than road cargo as it can be more trusted than road freight as it is delayed due to the traffic and other road scenarios.

#4 Cost-effective freight
When it comes to shipping by rail, the cost is lower in comparison to air freight. When you have to transport heavy goods then railway is the best choice for the transportation alternative. Through this transportation method, you can save up to 10-30%

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