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[AUDIO] Guided Self-Hypnosis Induction: Part 1

[AUDIO] Guided Self-Hypnosis Induction: Part 1

Submitted by • November 14, 2018

Welcome to Part 1 of the Hypnosis Training Academy’s 4-Part guided self-hypnosis induction audio series.

In these self-hypnosis audios, renowned master hypnotist Karsten Küstner will take you on a calm, relaxing and healing journey.

To begin, Part 1 will gently guide you through an 11-minute guided-self hypnosis induction to deep you relax and sink into the present moment.

The other bonus? It will also “train” you to get into a hypnotic state so you can reap the benefits of the other audios in this series.

So go ahead, get your headphones ready and prepare yourself to be deeply relaxed!

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