Augmented Reality (AR) In Interior Designing

Building a dream house is a lifelong desire for many. After years of savings, planning and hard work, an individual or a family decides to build their dream house.

Lilly and James were excited to start their new house project but were confused regarding its design. The colors suggested by the architect were bad with only 2 bathrooms and no space for washing machine. Hence, the excitement of the couple went into vain after the first meeting with the designer leading them into a state of delusion.

Not only Lilly and James’s, but there are millions of clients who are left disillusioned in such a situation.

Now, flip the above story, Lilly and James were a couple excited to start their dream house project. The architect and the interior designer showed them the 3D 360-degree view of their new home. The floor map was on a screen and not on papers. The couple was seeing a virtual version of their new home!

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