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How much blood will be taken? Borivali Blood Bank | Blood donation in Borivali

For a whole blood donation, approximately 0.5 L of blood is collected. For donations of other blood products, such as platelet or plasma, the amount collected depends on your... Read More

Can one donate blood after getting the Covid-19 vaccine? Borivali Blood Bank | Blood donation in mum

Yes. But there are some rules you’ll need to follow before you donate your blood after getting the jab. According to the eligibility guidelines set by the Indian Government, if... Read More

Does Blood Donation Increase your blood volume? Borivali Blood Bank, Blood Donation in Borivali

Blood is necessary not just for injuries or accidents, but also for plasma or platelets required by a patient. Patients may be treated easily in such situations provided a sufficient... Read More

Blood cell production is improved by donating blood. Borivali Blood Bank, Best blood bank in Mumbai

Following blood donation, the body tries to replace the blood loss. This promotes the creation of new blood cells, which aids in the maintenance of healthy health. It is always a... Read More

Does blood donation Keep the heart and liver healthy? Private blood bank near me, Borivali Blood Ban

Blood donation may help reduce the risk of heart and liver disease caused by iron excess in the body. Consuming an iron-rich diet may raise iron levels in the body;... Read More

Criteria to donate blood. Borivali blood bank, Blood bank in Miraroad.

- Overall health- The donor must be fit and healthy, and should not be suffering from transmittable diseases. - Age and weight- The donor must be 18–65 years old and should... Read More

Who are eligible to donate blood? BORIVALI BLOOD BANK, BLOOD DONATION IN MUMBAI.

Who are eligible to donate blood? BORIVALI BLOOD BANK, BLOOD DONATION IN MUMBAI.Any healthy adult, both male and female, can donate blood. Men can donate safely once in every three... Read More

Benefits of Blood Donation. Blood Donation in Mumbai | Borivali Blood Bank.

- Stimulates Blood Cell Production - Blood Donation helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer - Donation of blood burns calories & helps in weight loss - Blood donation helps... Read More

Is giving blood safe? Borivali Blood Bank, Blood Donation in Mumbai

Yes. Remember that you will only be accepted as a blood donor if you are fit and well. Your health and well-being are very important to the blood service. The... Read More