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Yes, the Chinese palm tree is a self-cleaning palm. The palm’s lower leaves gradually die off and drop from the tree naturally, without any pruning. Undoubtedly, the Chinese fan palm... Read More

In tropical regions such as Florida, Hawaii, and parts of the Caribbean, the Christmas palm tree is highly cultivated for its ornamental properties and low maintenance. The palm sheds its... Read More

Also known as Phoenix roebelenii, the pygmy date palm is considered a moderately hardy palm tree. However, the hardiness of the palm depends on the climate and growing conditions. The... Read More

Divide the offsets from the mother plant to propagate a triple foxtail palm tree. Ensure the new plant has its roots before separating it from the parent plant. Plant it... Read More

The queen palm is a popular palm poop[ular for its fast growth and elegant appearance. The palm can grow to a height of 50 feet on average with a spread... Read More

The fruits on the foxtail palm are considered edible but typically not consumed by human beings. Small, round, and fleshy fruits are a food source for many birds and animals.... Read More

If yes, the Foxtail palm tree in Florida is the perfect choice for you. Its unique, bushy fronds resemble a fox's tail, making it a visually striking addition to any... Read More

Also known by its scientific name, Phoenix sylvestris the Sylvester Palm Tree is an excellent choice for a Florida landscape due to its hardiness and adaptability to various soil types.... Read More

The Pygmy date palm is commonly grown in tropical and subtropical regions, including Florida, where they are popular for landscaping due to their small size and low maintenance requirements. Add... Read More

If there is a palm that can add beauty to your landscape, it is the Areca Palm Tree. It is a popular ornamental plant and is widely used for indoor... Read More