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Chicken Shawarma is grilled chicken wrapped in a cone and seasoned with Middle Eastern spices. It is popular street food in many nations and is eaten as a late-night snack.... Read More

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Shawarma is an Arab meat arrangement, where sheep, chicken, beef, veal, or blended meats are set on a spit (ordinarily an upward spit in restaurant kitchens), and perhaps roasted for... Read More

The best gyro is a Greek roasted meat dish served on a vertical spit. It's a Greek equivalent of Turkey's doner kebab, Mexico's tacos al pastor, and Arabic countries' shawarma. Gyro... Read More

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How to Make A Gyro? – mr zagros

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why Adana kebab is so delicious

ADANA KEBAB skewers in the Turkish way. Adana kebab is so delicious! The kebab gets a fresh sour taste from sumac and becomes spicy from the peppers, onions, parsley, and... Read More

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What does it take to make the Best Shawarma?

We opened our first store in Vaughan in 2014 after perfecting our policies and procedures, our unique blend of traditional spices and exclusive products, as well as refining and improving... Read More