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عند الحديث عن المنصة التجارية الإلكترونية بين الشركات في الكويت لا بد من تسليط الضوء على المسائل القانونية المرتبطة بمنصة ، إذ تبذل قصارى جهدها في إثبات صحة المستندات... Read More

E-commerce platform: It is considered one of the most important areas at the present time, it is the purchase and sale of goods and services, or the transfer of funds... Read More

It is noteworthy that on one occasion a meeting was held with one of the officials in the website and application, and he stated that the site aims at... Read More seeks to keep pace with globalisation and the tremendous technological development in the field of e-commerce and electronic platforms, as it encouraged the emergence of modern methods and methods... Read More

From this standpoint “ seeks to provide a comprehensive electronic platform that serves all its customers from buyers and sellers. It also supports small, large and medium enterprises and provides... Read More

Let’s be real. On the onset of your B2B Business, you had a proper plan. As time passed, you evolved with every second and developed a more fresh and unique... Read More

Customer experiences have a crucial influence on the buying decision, which may or may not work for the product or brand depending on their requirements and choices. Undoubtedly, a majority... Read More