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The Dholera Smart City developed under 6 town planning Schemes as Per the Proposed Plan of the Dholera Smart City Project. Town planning schemes 1 & 2 will be completed... Read More

Olive Garden is The Premium Residential Plots In Dholera SIR. It is located on the Dholera SIR's Border. It is a walkaway from TP Scheme 1. Its plot size starts... Read More

Orange County is a Mega Residential Project in Dholera SIR. It is NA/NOC, Title Clear & Unit Plan pass approved & Prime location project. It is nearby to the ABCD... Read More

Mulberry Park is a residential green township situated in Dholera SIR. The Project location is Shela Village on the border of Dholera SIR. It is NA/NOC, title clear, & Unit... Read More

Dholera SIR is A truely greenfield Industrial Smart City. Dholera is planning to be a wonderful city located in Gujarat, India & will be developed as a Greenfield Smart City... Read More

Invest In Commercial Land Available in Sandhida Dholera Smart City. the Commercial Land is located 800 km away from 10 Lane Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway. Sandhida | Old Survey No. 299/1... Read More

Buy NA Commecial Land in Dholera SIR Project. It is ideal location for shopping mall. it is near to the TP1A1 Ambli Industrial Zone. It is also closer to the... Read More

Commercial Land Available For Sale In Dholera Smart City, Gujarat. It is available on 250 Meter Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway. it is near to the Dholera International Airport. Ambli | Old Survey... Read More

9679 Sq. Yards Land For Sale in Gorasu In Dholera SIR Residential Zone. it is nearest to the metro station, green zone, 250 meter Expressway etc,. Gorasu | Old Survey... Read More

Bhadiyad Residential Land Available for Sale in Dholera SIR. This land available nearest to the ABCD Building, 250 meter Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway, & Metro Connectivity. Bhadiyad | Old Survey No.... Read More