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What are the Benefits of Wearing a Blue Sapphire Pendant?

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Do Gemstones Really Work According to Astrology?

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How to Check Red Coral Gemtone

Red coral, also called Moonga in Hindi, is a dazzling gem with a vivid red colour. It is an organic gem made of tiny polyps, which are animals found underwater.... Read More

Can We Wear Yellow Sapphire And Blue Sapphire Together?

The two main types of valuable gemstones from the same corundum mineral family are yellow and blue sapphires. These diamonds have different astrological behaviours even if their chemical compositions and... Read More

Best Stone for Protection from Negative Energy

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How to know if Panna is Working?

The most widely used type of beryl mineral is panna, also referred to as emerald in English. It is connected to the planet Mercury, also known as Budh, which stands... Read More

Which Color is the Gemstone Emerald?

Emerald gemstones are members of the beryl mineral family and are referred to as panna in Hindi. It is renowned for having a stunning green colour that closely mimics the... Read More

As per Rashi Which Stone to Wear On Which Finger: A Complete Guide

When gemstones are worn on the appropriate finger, the person experiences favourable outcomes. Stone recommendations are made according to your birth chart and zodiac sign, or Rashi, in Vedic astrology.... Read More

Most Powerful Gemstone Combinations for Healing

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