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Benefits of an Insider Threat Detection Program

Benefits of an Insider Threat Detection Program

Submitted by • February 7, 2020

Which is worse – an external cyberattack or an insider threat? A Sophie’s Choice situation to be sure. But according to a survey of IT professionals, there is a clear answer.

The 2020 Insider Threat Report from Cybersecurity Insiders found that 52% of IT pros think that insider threats are more difficult to detect and prevent than external cyberattacks. Only 10% of those canvassed thought that external attacks are more challenging.

Insider threats and external cyberattacks are both serious problems. Organizations should invest more in manpower, technology and training to combat these dangers. It is certainly still necessary for businesses to defend against traditional threats that originate from outside the environment, like malware and ransomware. But insider threats require a different approach. That’s because insiders already know where your sensitive data exists and how to access it.

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