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Designer lehenga – Everything you should know before choosing one

You are all set to rock the wedding and are hunting for the perfect lehenga. The options are endless, but you are not able to shortlist any. You have looked at pictures of thousands of models in the dream lehenga and want to re-create the same look. STOP what may look good on the model may not look good on you.

The first place for you to start is by deciding the silhouette that suits your body type.

1. A-Line
An A-line lehenga skirt is tight at the waist and gradually widens towards the end. It creates an impression of letter A. Rock this look with a sparkly crop blouse, and you are all set for your prewedding events. A-line lehenga suits best for an hourglass and pear-shaped body.
2. Tiered
Tiered lehenga has many layers. The layers are uneven and are placed at different lengths, creating a unique look. A layered lehenga made of stiff fabric is excellent for column-shaped and inverted triangle-shaped women to create an illusion of curves at the bottom.
3. Fishtail
The fishtail lehenga, as the name suggests is clenched at the hips and has a flare towards the bottom. This flare makes it look like a fish's tail. The fishtail cut is best suited for rectangle and hourglass body types. It is a big NO-NO for pear-shaped women.
4. Circular
Circular lehengas are traditional and classic. They have a full flare and are perfect for twirling and sit-down poses. These lehengas suit all body types, but the rectangle body type looks best in circular lehenga.
5. Straight
Straight-cut lehenga, as the name suggests does not have any flare. It flows with the body curves, unlike other types of lehenga. This type suits the hourglass body type the best. It is best if thin body types stay away from the straight cut.

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