Best Restaurant in Nainital – Shiva Restaurant (Old & Original) Pure Veg

Shiva Restaurant situated in Bara Marketplace , Mallital, Nainital. shiva is one of the most seasoned veg restaurant in Nainital laid out in 1978. Clearing a path for a good feast is Shiva Restaurant in Nainital. This spot is inseparable from tasty food that can satisfy all food desires. It is home to probably the most valued foods. In order to have the option to take care of an enormous number of coffee shops, it possesses an ideal area at Bara Bazar, Mallital. Politeness to this essential area, foodies in and around the area can stroll in to this eating house helpfully without confronting any issues connected with driving to this area of the city. It is one of the most sought after Eateries in Mallital. This is a one of the prestigious Cafés in Nainital. Food that melts in your mouth, taste that contacts your heart, a vibe that mitigates your faculties and administration that causes you a to feel regal.