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Blog Marketing: What, Why and How?

Blog Marketing: What, Why and How?

Submitted by • July 31, 2020

For the uninitiated, the word blog comes from the combination of two words – web and log. Together they formed weblog and eventually it got shortened to blog. Blogs came into appearance as early as the 1990s and primarily were online diaries. At that time, these blogs highlighted the personal accounts of the lives of the creators. With growing time, blogs have evolved and made its way towards topics such as news, politics, music, food, business, and much more. Even some blogs talk about blogging.

As the blogs evolved and refined further, visionary entrepreneurs distinguished blogs as a pivotal tool for marketing and began using it to not only provide updates and information to their customers but also to draw new clients in their business. Since then blogging has grown further and it has become the new and effective marketing strategy.

What is Blog Marketing?
If you are still wondering what blog marketing is, then let us tell you, it is the way of reaching your home business’ target

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