Care Instructions for Your New Porcelain Veneers | Smile Nambour

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Your teeth have now been changed with porcelain laminate veneers. To ensure maximum beauty and longevity, please try to follow these guidelines below:

● Remember to brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush at least twice daily and floss between them once a day

● Similar to your natural teeth, ceramics used in veneers can gradually be affected by acidic foods and beverages. Over time, the margins of the veneers may develop stains. To preserve their appearance, it’s advised to minimize or avoid the consumption of acidic items such as tobacco, coffee, tea, soy sauce, curry, colas, grape juice, blueberries, or red wine

Additionally, refrain from using baking soda or any abrasive toothpaste on your veneers. Instead, opt for regular “paste” toothpaste brands like Colgate, Oral B, Macleans, etc., rather than “gel” toothpastes. Steer clear of whitening or smokers’ toothpastes, as they tend to be highly abrasive and can damage the veneers over time