Criteria to donate blood. Borivali blood bank, Blood bank in Miraroad.

– Overall health- The donor must be fit and healthy, and should not be suffering from transmittable diseases.
– Age and weight- The donor must be 18–65 years old and should weigh a minimum of 50  kg.
– Pulse rate- Between 50 and 100 without irregularities.
– Hemoglobin level- A minimum of 12.5 g/dL.
– Blood pressure- Diastolic: 50–100 mm Hg, Systolic: 100–180 mm Hg.
– Body temperature- Should be normal, with an oral temperature not exceeding 37.5 °C.
– The time period between successive blood donations should be more than 3 months.
For more information, contact Borivali Blood Bank, Blood bank in Miraroad. – 022 2893 6203.

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