Destination: Dehradun, Barsu, Bharnala, Dayara Top

Duration: 6 days

Distance: Base village Barsu is 8 hours (approx) from Dehradun

Family & Group

Experience: Rural Touch, Abundant Flora-Fauna, Snow- Coverd Expanse

Day 01- Dehradun To Barsu village

The 8 hours road leading from Dehradun to Barsu, the base Camp of this trek, is full of Torism Friendly Experience.When you about to reach Barsu village keep your eyes on Himalaya’s Mt. Srikanth, Gangotri-1,3 and Jonli peak,Rudragaira these are visible from Barsu. After reaching the village, it is golden opportunity to visit the mythological Temples of Nagdevta & Rajadevta, Barsu lake, Waterfall, Trout Fish Pond, Apple Orchards and Honey Colony. To see & understand the rural environment closely come face to face with villagers to learn about their food habits, customs, traditional methods of preserving nature’s tradition such as methods of making natural fertilizer from dried leaves of Birch,Oak etc.

Day 02- Barsu To Bharnala Bugyal

Set off for Bharnala Bugyal. Total distance you will cover today is about 3 Km. The path gains altitude gradually, but offer magnificent views of Mt. Srikanth, Gangotri series. On this paths one can Experience Oaks¼ckat][kj”kq]eks:½ , Rhododendron, variety of Birds etc. Around the site you will forget your tiredness after seeing beautiful natural Bharnala Pond, Nagdevta Temple & Meadows of Barnala. Barnala is known among nature lover, trekkars about adventurous activates as Skiing training conducted at this place by NIM, Tourism Department & Other Agencies.

Day 03- Barnala To Dayara Jungal Camp/Kyarkoti

Dayara Bugyal is situated at distance of 3 Km From Barnala. This path makes you feel the selfless service of nature in the shade of Trees. The path from Bharnala to Dayara Bugyal introduce you to nature diversity, where different types of Flora-Fauna, Alpine grass welcome you & in winter full of snow covered views.

Day 04- Dayara Jungal Camp/Kyarkoti To Dyara- Bakriya Top