Yes, Cloudtail India seller on Amazon sells original and genuine products.
I have bought more than 100s things both small/big and expensive from the Cloudtail seller on Amazon. To date, I have never received any fake/duplicate product from them.
Cloudtail India seller has the best reviews and ratings on Amazon. In case one receives any defective/undesired product Amazon’s easy return/replace policy always gets the job done. This is what makes Cloudtail India the most trustworthy seller on Amazon.
Cloudtail is more or less like a middleman, it directly deals with manufacturers and brands.
Technically we can’t blame it for any undesired/defective product. Also since Cloudtail’s range of products is most of the time Amazon fulfilled even if one receives any such undesired product they can easily return/replace or ask for a refund. Because it’s Amazon and Cloudtail the return/exchange process is like a breeze.
I have been shopping online for the almost last 5 years and I ALWAYS make a note of who the seller is while buying any product from online platforms and have preferred buying products from Cloudtail on various occasions because of its fast delivery times, reviews, ratings, and price.
They have always delivered original products without any issues of quality.
Recently I bought an expensive mixer grinder on Amazon from Cloudtail seller and it was original and factory sealed and works as expected.
So yes, Cloudtail sells original products.
I suggest checking the seller & their ratings and reviews before purchasing on Amazon. If it’s Cloudtail I always trust them while buying products on Amazon.
The conclusion from my perspective-
Yes, products from Cloudtail India seller are original/genuine.

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