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Sakal Media Group’s flagship website, esakal.com, is one of the most trusted Marathi digital platforms, serving as the preferred news source for people in Maharashtra. With a complete rebranding of its website and a new cutting-edge content management system introduced back in 2019, esakal.com reaches 12.6 million unique visitors every month, more than 88 million page views and a social media reach of over 75 million, making it the largest digital media brand in Marathi.

Supported by one of the biggest digital newsrooms in the country-in-depth reporting, analysis and coverage of the latest news, sports and entertainment stories, esakal.com has become the go-to source for news and views for most Maharashtrians.

Through esakal.com, the group reaches out to a large audience base across the state and India, capturing users between the age of 25 – 45 years, of which 40% are located outside the key markets Pune and Mumbai.