Easy Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy the Perfect Weekend

What with the buzz around the pandemic & the need for social distancing, we seem to have lost the sheen around the weekend vibes we got while the week ended. It seems now like a distant memory where we met up with our friends, in our favorite bar to laugh off our week’s (painful 😉 events holding our favorite drink between our fingers. But hey folks, the love for our cocktails need not be kept away even when at home, for it serves as a weekend therapy for some of us. (LOL)
For me, the scene of a bartender mixing a cocktail is a sight to behold. It’s almost like a poet penning down his most exotic poetry on a paper (well, a glass here).
The need to ‘stay home’ (& stay safe), cannot let us drown the sheer love for our best-loved drink. So here we are with some easy-to-make cocktail recipes to pump up your dull home-stay weekends into a fun-filled rendezvous:
007’s preferred drink is been around for quite a while now. Even the modern mixologists would admit to
its never-out-of-fashion & never-gone-wrong attributes.
Ingredients: Gin or vodka, dry vermouth.
Starter recipe:
2 oz gin
1 oz dry vermouth
The first and the most simple step you should take is order alcohol online, get it delivered to your place. Mix the contents in an ice-filled mixing glass or a metal shaker. Strain into a coupe or cocktail glass & garnish with a lemon peel & olive.

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