Explore India’s unparalleled destinations the way you want with us at an economical price!

Akkcruiser is a complete and foremost destination management organization whose main focus is to arrange customers travel to their best destinations. We are the best travel agency in Siliguri which delivers comprehensive and complete solutions to leisure, group, corporate, and educational purposes.Our well-qualified team members are experts in planning several tour packages like Darjeeling tour packages and Gangtok honeymoon packages. With vast experience in the travel sector, we sincerely hope you to have a great time while dealing with us on your upcoming holidays.

At Akkcruiser, we try to adjust ourselves according to the client's demands and requests so that they fully enjoy their holidays at their favourite places. Undoubtedly, in terms of services, we are the best travel agency in Assam which offers astounding packages which suit your budget. The staff of AkkCruiser is well-qualified, experienced, professional, hard-working, and not the least dedicated towards the work so that they can deliver very coherent and customize services.

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