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Finc 355: Retirement And Estate Planning Business Estate Planning Case Study #2

Submitted by • December 18, 2018

FINC 355: Retirement and Estate Planning Business Estate Planning Case Study #2 The goal of this Estate Planning Case Study is to make adjustments to an existing estate plan to eliminate the potential estate tax liability. Today is January 2014, John has been your financial planning client for over ten-years. He is 61 and married to Jane, age 60. He owns Victory Company, a family business professionally valued at $5. 6 million. He and Jane have three children and seven grand- children. One son, Paul, manages Victory Co. and will someday own it. John is a member of a study group made up of 20 owners of closely held businesses. The group meets monthly and once a year invites an estate planning professional to talk about how to create the best estate plan. Each year, one member becomes a case study for this discussion, and this year John was the-subject of the case study. The presenter, a financial planner named Bryan, recommended a few changes-to John's estate plan. Bryan, like 99 percen

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