Flight Reservation I INR350/$5

A flight reservation is a booking or reservation made for a seat on an aeroplane for a specific route and date. Flight reservations are typically made through airlines, travel agencies, or online booking platforms. A flight reservation provides confirmation that you have secured a seat on a particular flight for a specified itinerary.
Flight reservations are commonly used for various purposes,
including visa applications, travel planning, and proof of onward travel. Here
are a few key points related to flight reservations:
1. Visa Applications: Many countries require travellers to provide proof of a booked or reserved flight when applying for a visa. This helps immigration authorities verify the traveller's intention to leave the country within the allowed period

2. Travel Planning: Before purchasing a flight ticket, some travellers choose to make a flight reservation to hold a seat while they finalise their travel plans, such as confirming accommodation and itinerary details.

3. Proof of Onward Travel: Some airlines and countries may require proof of onward travel as a condition of entry. A flight reservation for a ticket departing from the destination country can serve as this proof.

4. Temporary Hold: In some cases, airlines or travel agencies may offer the option to place a temporary hold on a flight reservation, giving travellers a specific period to confirm and pay for the reservation.
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