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Foundations Of Law In International Business

Submitted by • July 15, 2019

The case study in question will be approached sequentially, taking into account all of the legal aspects stemming from the law of agency, together with UK Company law and the legal requirements of a contract (offer/acceptance, certainty, consideration, intent) in conjunction with considerations for repudiation or exit from the contract (frustration, repudiatory breach, enforce ability, and/or recession from misinterpretation) and options for contractual conflict resolution. Indeed, the first issue to analyse is the legal role and responsibility of Richard and the extent to which the latter is legally allowed to commit the company, Brighton Bricks Ltd. Secondly, as no Managing Director has been appointed, it is necessary to highlight the current UK company law to establish what impact this may have upon the Board of Directors. Lastly, due to the fact that a contract has been stipulated between Brighton Bricks Ltd. and Viet Clay, a legal analysis of how such contract was stipulated will

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