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Glutinous Rice Market Price, Growth

Glutinous Rice Market Price, Growth

Submitted by • October 20, 2020

Glutinous rice, or popularly known as sticky rice, is a staple of South East Asia and eastern parts of South Asia. Glutinous rice has sticky texture due to extremely low amylose and high amylopectin content which makes it low fat but relatively high in nutritive value. When glutinous rice is cooked, it turns out to be waxy, thick and translucent giving it a chewy texture. Glutinous rice offers various health benefits because they are rich in minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body. The health benefits of glutinous rice include its ability to control diabetes, inhibit chronic diseases, improve digestion and lessen inflammation. Glutinous rice also serves as a source of selenium, a valuable mineral which provides antioxidant protection for tissues and shield cells from damage caused by free radicals. Besides, glutinous rice also contains small amounts of other essential nutrients like vitamin B-5 and copper.

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