How do girls boarding schools in India contributes towards equality and women empowerment ?

In contrast to day school, when pupils can return to their parents’ homes from school, boarding school requires the students to reside on the school site in hostels/dormitories after finishing planned classes. There are many sorts of boarding schools, and several offer both day and boarding options, while others are entirely boarding. Among some of the boarding schools, many have the choice of enrolling in single-gender institutes, which are institutions that only accept girls or boys.

Women’s empowerment has been a major topic in recent years. Women are shattering preconceptions and engaging in all major venues as part of the push forward into equality on all forums. Over the previous few decades, the presence of women in the societal, financial, governmental, and cultural fields has increased. Girls boarding schools play a significant part in empowering young women. All of these improvements have occurred as a consequence of the tireless efforts of leaders and public figures who have consistently risen their opinions and battled for equality of the sexes. There is indeed a long way to go.