How Membroz Timeshare/Vacation Ownership Software can help to acquire & engage with customers?

It is time to say goodbye to the traditional ways of managing clients through paperwork and excel sheets. There is a new way to acquire and engage customers through the Timeshare service offered by Membroz.

The way this helps is by being an advanced version of an excel sheet that notifies, removes duplicates, and highlights potential automatically. Timeshare is the software you need if you are looking to increase the client list of your organization.

In today’s blog let’s take a look at some of the features of the timeshare software.

Lead Management

The property sector is one of the best examples that can be given that can make use of this feature. If a potential customer visits your website or any property or attended any of your events and leaves his/her details to be contacted later, timeshare lets you create a prospect profile for this real-time lead management using the details they provided and also verifies those details.

It also allows your CRM team to follow up with the customer by notifying them by sending SMS, gift, welcome kit, and thank you msg. Verification helps in filtering out all the bogus details that would not be easy with excel also it will automatically avoid the same data for 6 months & allow to add only fresh calls/fresh leads.

Once the prospect detail is verified, the CRM team can then move on to the next phase of customer acquisition i.e., calling and setting up meetings which brings us to the next feature of Timeshare.

Enquiry Management/Client Management

Once the CRM team has the details verified, the tele caller team then starts calling and looking to set up the prospect for a site visit or a meeting with the sales executive or supervisor. This task is often with hurdles like the prospect number being out of coverage, the number being incorrect or the call being unanswered.