How to select the best accounts payable automation solutions

Manual data entry and paper invoices can significantly slow down finance operations, leading to costly delays and errors. While traditional RPA and OCR-led automation can help to some extent, limitations like handling complex invoices, the rigidity of the solution, and the potential for errors can consume valuable resources, impact cash flow, and strain vendor relationships, ultimately affecting the financial health of an enterprise.

In this latest piece from the E42 Blog, we delve into how Neil, an AI Accounts Payable Executive built on E42 goes beyond traditional automation and is built to tackle complex invoices, eliminate the scope for errors, and continuously learn as the system evolves. This translates into:

1️⃣ Enhanced data extraction and processing accuracy for a healthier financial system
2️⃣ Streamlined workflows that empower finance teams—positively impacting the cash flow
3️⃣ Better vendor discount opportunities through on-time payments and enhanced vendor relationships
4️⃣ Real-time insights for informed financial decisions
5️⃣ An optimized cash flow as a result