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Importance of User-Intent for Search Engine Optimization Services

Importance of User-Intent for Search Engine Optimization Services

Submitted by • August 27, 2020

What is User-Intent in SEO?
User intent is the ultimate goal of a person using a search engine. In simplest words, user intent or search intent depicts a user’s purpose in mind while conducting a basic internet search. Marketers often use it synonymously with keyword intent. Keyword intent describes keywords used by potential customers at various stages of the conversion funnel. According to STAT Whitepaper, user-intent is of four types-
Navigational intent: defines the search for a specific page or a website
Informational intent: defines a user’s search for facts and data
Commercial intent: include all utility-based searches like searching for top laptops before purchasing one.
Transactional intent: includes a user’s search for a product or service for purchasing it.
Commercial intent can be assumed to be relevant to transactional intent. The only difference between them is the intensity of a consumer’s purchase intent. Commercial keywords h

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