iPulse Immunity Booster

One drink, many benefits- that’s how Viva iPulse can be best described. This immunity booster is the perfect remedy for heart, cellular, respiratory, hepatic, vascular, cerebral, muscular skeletal problems.
It makes the heart muscles stronger and aids in regulating the rhythm. Healthy fat levels are maintained thereby keeping you hale and hearty.
It takes care of the respiratory problems by improving resistance against several allergies.
Viva iPulse is the best health drink that augments cellular metabolism and supports homeostasis.
Overall liver health is looked after with 60 ml of iPulse daily. Also, keeps a check on the GI problems by maintaining a balanced homeostasis level.
Acts as anti-cancer support by allowing body’s capability to revitalize itself.
Although, iPulse’s primary function is to boost immunity but it acts as a shield to protect the health from all kinds of ailments by sustaining healthy circulation.

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