Is IVF an option for people over 35 of age? Dr. Manjushri Kothekar | Fertility clinic in Chembur.

Because ovarian reserve and egg quality decline with age, IVF procedures may be less successful in women over the age of 35. Advanced ART treatments, such as PGS/CCS, may speed up treatment and increase the probability of a healthy pregnancy by selecting and implanting only viable embryos into the uterus. Because the biggest barrier to success is frequently the identification of a viable embryo, women who seek these procedures have implantation rates (pregnancy per embryo implanted) equivalent to younger women.

Similarly, an older woman who utilizes a donor egg has a high chance of success since younger eggs are more likely to be viable and the age of the uterus has no effect on pregnancy rates. Women may successfully have a child with IVF therapy utilizing donated eggs up to the age of 50. They will thereafter have the same chances of success as women under the age of 35.

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