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LangTang Gosainkunda Treks

LangTang Gosainkunda Treks

Submitted by • August 25, 2013

The holy Hindu pilgrim site Gosain Kunda has located northern direction from Kathmandu. The sacred "Goshainkunda" knew as glacier-frozen lake the most beautiful destination in Nepal. They're supposed 108 holy lakes although only the least number of them can be visible. Saraswati Kund, Bhairab Kund, Surya Kund and Gosaikund are the famous and most important. The sacred Gosainkunda created by Lord Shiva through his trident according to Purans. He had to drink water intake of Halahal/kalkut poison. He had to digest the Kalkut poison, which was the product, obtained from Samundramanthan by the Gods and the demons. The most auspicious day of the pilgrimage is a full moon day (Janai Purnima) in July/August. Many pilgrims from Nepal and India bathe in the lake.

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