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Luxury Interior Design Trends in Mumbai

Luxury Interior Design Trends in Mumbai

Submitted by • April 9, 2020

Colours are the New Neutrals: Colours like soft peachy corals and terra cotta,
pastels and soft hues will replace the neutrals. Golden yellow tones matched with
velvets and leathery finishes are the new trend. Tiles, cabinetries and walls serve
as opportunities for more colour. Shades of pink that are a more sophisticated
version of the millennial pink we’ve seen in recent years appear to be more in
trend in 2020.
Sustainable Materials: Sustainability has become incredibly important in this day
and age. Thankfully, people are more knowledgeable and willing than ever before.
This drives them towards making ethical buying habits, which reflects in the
overall design sensibility as well. Sustainably harvested materials include acacia
and rattan in fixtures.

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