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Multi-function water droplet crusher

Multi-function water droplet crusher

Submitted by • May 27, 2019

Multi-function water droplet crusher
The small feed pulverizer is a water drop type hammer pulverizer, which can be used to pulverize corn, wheat, sorghum and other cereals. It is not suitable for pulverizing materials with high fiber content because of high yield and is usually used for Large-scale farms or feed mill manufacturers can be used separately, but they are generally installed in pellet feed processing units for use with other feed machinery.
The main structure of the feed machinery crusher is: impeller feeder (ie feeding mechanism, responsible for uniform feeding), water droplet type crushing chamber (core position of the crusher, including rotor, hammer, sieve, tooth plate, etc.), Discharge part (including fan, collecting cylinder, dust bag), motor, base and other parts.
1. A major structural feature of the feed mechanical pulverizer is the water droplet type pulverization chamber. The water-drop type pulverization chamber can prevent one of the drawbacks of the

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