Oxford Certified Web Designing & Development Professional

Oxford Certified
Web Designing & Development Professional
Authorized Adobe Creative Technology Academy
Oxford Software Institute is a leading Website Designing & Development Training Institute in Delhi with its 7 branches. If you feel Internet & Websites inspire you, Web Designing & Development Course is right choice for you. Web Designing & Development manages the way towards building up a site from simple to complex layouts. A Website Specialist uses pictures, content, HTML5, Responsive Website Composition, CSS3, Data Engineering, hues, text styles and other intuitive components to deliver a site page.

Titled as the World’s Best Imaging and Designing Software for Photographers and Web Professionals, Adobe Photoshop is a software tool to organize, edit, and create images. It’s an essential tool as Basic photo correction and editing is highly desirable from Website Designers. During this module, students will learn the concept of Painting and Editing tools, Concept of Layers, Blending Modes, Types of Masking, Image Composition, Color Modes and Channels, Color Correction & Automation with Adobe Photoshop.

Web designing requires various skills in the production and maintenance of websites including Web Graphic Design; Interface Design; Authoring, Standardized Coding and User Experience Design. In this course, a student will learn to design web pages with latest technologies like HTML-5, XHTML, CSS3, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Bootstrap and XML. HTML 5 is used to describe the contents of a Web page.
JavaScript is a lightweight, scripting language commonly used as a part of web pages. It allows client-side script to interact with the user and makes pages dynamic. JavaScript is an essential part of web development.
During / After this course, students may also appear for the following certifications :

Adobe Certified Associate
Oxford Certified Web Development Professional