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Panic During Pandemic bringing Plastic back in power

Panic During Pandemic bringing Plastic back in power

Submitted by • April 28, 2020

Amidst the pandemic panic, there may have been a silver lining but the question remains- How long will it last? With the concept of social distancing and constant fear of contracting the virus, people have started opting for single-use plastic products to protect themselves. From plastic gloves, straws, bottles to polybags, single-use plastic has made its way back into our lives without us realizing the cost of what’s to come if we continue to use these products.

What could happen?

Leading manufacturers that aim to provide alternatives, like non-woven shopping bags, for single-use plastic believe that in the time of panic, it becomes essential to take every step calculatively otherwise in the process of winning one battle we might end up creating another one for us.

What to do?

Restraining from plastic use in these times is the only way we can avoid excessive plastic pollution. There are plenty of alternatives provided by many manufacturers, Zedpack non-woven bags being one such ex

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