Phulara Ridge Trek- Himalaya Shelter

The Phulara Ridge Trek in the Garhwal Himalayas is a spectacular excursion at an altitude of 12,150 feet. It is rated as an easy to moderate hike, making it suitable for both novice and expert trekkers. The walk is roughly 30 kilometers long, requiring two days to reach the ridge and another two days to return to the basecamp. Trekkers may enjoy stunning views of Mt. Swargarohi, Black Peak, Mt. Bandarpoonch, Sarutal Top, Draupadi Ka Daanda (DKD), Ranglana Peak, and Hata Peak. The journey is a mix of ascent and descent, leading to the enchanting Pushtara Meadows, where green-carpeted meadows calm the senses and time appears to stand still123. At high altitudes, the soft soil and lush grass contribute to the charm of the walk.