Portable Shampoo Sink or Shampoo Bowl – Portable Sink Depot

Best Quality Portable Shampoo Sink or Shampoo bowl with hot and cold water. with extra fresh and waste tanks available at Portable Sink Depot.

Consequently, Faucet is included with Shampoo Sink (Shampoo bowl)!

This Portable Shampoo Sink or Portable Shampoo Bowl can be immediately installed and used in your salon. It is also well known as a portable salon sink or portable shampoo basin or portable hair washing bowl

*4 gallon Water Heater (90 to 149 degrees). In other words, No running out of hot water while using. Only our company gives you this!

*60 psi Pressure Water Pump. Therefore, Pressure Strong enough to wash out chemicals. However, this feature is provided by only our company gives you this!

6-gallon freshwater tank
7-gallon waste water tank
Shampoo Bowl
Faucet & Sprayer
Electrical Requirement: 110v.
Shelf for storage of Shampoo Bottles
Cabinet fits any Standard Shampoo chair (not included)

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