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Reiki Healing | Yoga And Meditation |Life Coaching

Reiki Healing | Yoga And Meditation |Life Coaching

Submitted by • September 5, 2020

You are carrying out your regular routine and your energy, enthusiasm, and productivity goes through high and low depending on the day. Its a holiday and you become relaxed, excited, and dynamic.

We are a servant of our heart and allow thoughts, emotions, and attachments to make us dance to their tunes. At the same time we want to become masters of our destiny.

Yogi Buddhadeva often talks about disciplining the mind. Yoga and Meditation is of course the best method of doing that. After becoming a b–my body, mind & soul were nurtured by the activation in the subtle body. When the soul is empowered by prana, increasing all the time –its hidden potentials start coming out. The make-over of the personality begins demanding that you move towards the purpose of your birth. To further take you towards the mission of your life

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