Swaddling- When to start weaning from it?

Your Precious little one is ready to give up the swaddle, isn’t that great? I know you must be having a thousand questions in your mind. For starters, is he/she even ready for it? If yes, how do I do this? What happened to the startle reflex? Arghh and the list is endless.

The best part is: babies send you amazing clues to let you know that they are ready for weaning out of a swaddle. On average, babies swaddle for around 3-4 months, and then the weaning process can start.

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There is no strict “one-time” policy when it comes to weaning from swaddling. Many babies voluntarily wean off by 3-5 months, but for some, they want to stick around and take those swaddles during their daytime naps.

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How do I know that my baby is ready to wean out from swaddling?

If they have started rolling over.
They come out of their swaddling blankets frequently, and you have to keep swaddling them again and again.
While you are swaddling them, they fight the process, at least more than usual.
When you start having the feeling that they are not quite settling down quickly even when swaddled.

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