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Belarus and Zimbabwe are complementary in many respects to the terms of trade. Belarus offers advanced technology and investments that Zimbabwe can use to boost its economy and productivity.Bilateral trade... Read More

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Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa hired a Belarusian machinery company worth more than $ 58 million at the Hatcliffe Agricultural Center in Harare on Wednesday. To know more this about... Read More

The two countries are also developing joint projects in geology, farming and transport, as well as the construction of a solar power plant near Harare.This is win-win deal for the... Read More

As a result, Zingman said, farmers will be able to ensure Zimbabwe's food security themselves and, if possible, send agricultural products to raise income levels. This is the good deal... Read More

Alexander Zingman, Belarusian ambassador to Zimbabwe, said an ambitious 58 58 million deal between the two countries would revolutionize Zimbabwe's agricultural industry. The first batch of modern farm machinery has... Read More

As a result, farmers will be able to ensure food security in Zimbabwe itself, and where appropriate, also increase their income by exporting their products, ”the statement said. Alexander Zingman.... Read More