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The partnership deed is prepared to provide clear understanding of the roles of each partner, which ensures smooth running of the operations of the firm. The features of partnerships... Read More

One Person Company is the company which has only one person as a member. One Person Company is incorporated as a private company which has only one member. It follows... Read More

NGOs are the organizations that works for charitable purposes. The Non Governmental Organisations are basically designed to work for the public and to focus towards the welfare of the society. There are... Read More

Business objectives are the specific, measurable results that companies hope to maintain as their organisation grows. And sometimes objectives are to be changed because of the dynamic business environment. Changing the... Read More

Partnership deed is a written legal document that contains an agreement made between two individuals who have the intention of doing business with each other and share profits and... Read More

Public Limited Company is a company that is not private. It should have minimum 7 members and there is no maximum limit. Shares of the Public Limited Company can be subscribed by... Read More

One Person Company is a company that has only one person as its member. Members of a company are subscribers to its memorandum of association, or its shareholders. One Person... Read More

Private limited company is limited by guarantee, the members' liability is limited to the amount of liability each member undertakes in the Memorandum of Association. Private companies cannot freely transfer... Read More

CMA Report is the report showing the projected performance and the past performance of a business in financial terms. It stands for Credit Monitoring Arrangement report. This has been in operation... Read More

Public Limited Company is a company that is strictly regulated and should publish its true financial health to its shareholders. Public Limited Company has limited liability and it offer shares... Read More